“For more than 2 ½ decades I have been in Court nearly every day it’s been open, including on some of the most challenging cases a Judge would ever see. These include Multi-day criminal trials, Homicides trials, and Divorce trials. I have argued cases before more than 100 Judges in half the counties in Wisconsin, so I know a good Judge from a bad Judge. My work has also brought me the privilege of arguing three cases before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. I promise to be a good Judge every single day I am on the bench.”

Ralph Sczygelski

Attorney in more than 4,000 cases throughout Wisconsin

        • 1,000 cases as Prosecutor for Two Rivers
        • 1,800 Criminal cases
        • 400 Family Court cases
        • 400 Lawsuits
        • 300 Appeals
        • 3 cases before the Wisconsin Supreme Court
        • More than 40 Jury Trials
        • Dozens of tragic Homicide cases
        • 6 Emotional Homicide Trials

In Court, I have been hired as a quasi-Prosecutor for:
Manitowoc County

        • The City of Manitowoc
        • The City of Two Rivers
        • The City of Kiel
        • Owner of a Successful Business for 20 years
        • Resident of Manitowoc County for 26 years
        • Circuit Court Advisor Committee Member (18 years)
        • Owner of 2 downtown properties that contribute to the economic well-being of the Community
        • Only Manitowoc Lawyer who has argued multiple cases before the Wisconsin Supreme Court
        • The only Candidate elected by his colleagues to serve as Manitowoc County Bar Assoc. President
        • Contributing Writer to the Wisconsin Lawyer Magazine